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We pull out all of the stops when it comes to building a better you.

Regenerative medicine stimulates your body to replenish its own dwindling reservoirs of stem cells and other rejuvenating factors fundamental to your wellness, resilience and growth. At Silk we focus on peptide therapies and platelet rich plasma to:

  • Repair damaged or weakened systems, organs and functions.
  • Awaken and stimulate the systems responsible for producing sex hormones.
  • Boost your healing process after an acute injury or surgery.
  • Keep the ever-tipping scales of age vs youth weighted in your favor.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment Plans

Athletic Performance

Your personal game doesn’t always benefit from harder workouts.
However, it can.

We use the most innovative biologics and equipment to boost your system’s output and recovery. Our methods include peptides, EmSculpt, IV infusion and integrative techniques to optimize your body’s natural assets.

Neurologic Recovery

You can recover from a concussion and even a stroke when taking appropriate action.

A car accident or a simple jarring fall can cause a concussion or TBI with long lasting repercussions. We utilize a specially crafted combination of peptides, and nutrient support to help you recover from headaches, brain fog and forgetfulness.

Cognitive Enhancement

Feel sharp again!
Experience the peak of your cognitive performance.

If you’re burned out, falling behind or wanting to get ahead of the game, we can safely improve cognitive performance with a personalized formulation of biologics such as nootropics, neurologic enhancers and peptides.

Wellness & Aesthetics

Looking good and feeling good don’t always go hand-in-hand.
But at Silk, they do.

Starting with a full integrative assessment we will outfit you with supplements, guidance and cutting edge treatments, using both biologics and devices, to replenish your own natural fountain of youth.

Joint Healing

Promote the repair of connective tissue to rebuild strength after an injury.

Through the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and peptides, Silk’s regenerative medicine is here to speed your recovery from joint injury and get you back into action, fast.

Trauma Recovery

Recover more quickly from injury or surgery with the help of regenerative medicine.

With the far reaching effects of peptides on regulatory and rejuvenation actions throughout the body, we’re able to promote repair of damaged cells and strengthen the immune system for fast and effective recovery from trauma.

The Future of Health Science

Peptides are the key to regeneration.

Peptides are amino acids that are less than 50 sequences in length and act as signaling molecules, binding with specific cellular receptors to tell cells what to do. They’re smart!

The targeted and sustained use of peptides has the potential to generate cellular and full system restoration. To date, over 7,000 naturally-occurring peptides have been identified, each with their own specific function in the body.

Some of their many uses are accelerated healing, recalibration of auto-immune conditions, prevention of chronic disease, and augmentation of cognitive and athletic performance.

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