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Your beauty radiates from the inside out.

UV exposure, genetics and years of laughter are just a few of the things that wear on the connective tissue within our skin to show signs of aging. Although we embrace the wisdom that goes hand-in-hand with our fine lines, wouldn’t we all prefer to maintain our youthful glow while continuing to grow from life’s lessons?

Silk offers several modalities to smooth and erase the signs of aging. Sun spots, wrinkles and scarring don’t stand a chance against our medical aesthetics treatments including microneedling, PRP injections (aka Vampire Facials) and Botox.

It’s possible look as good as you feel.

Medical Aesthetics Treatment Plans

Wrinkle Reduction

Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles without surgery.

We offer a variety of non-surgical options for wrinkle reduction. Schedule an appointment for Botox, PRP (Vampire Facial), Micro-needling or a combination of any and all of these for optimal results.

Hair Restoration

Regenerate the regrowth of your natural hair.

We use a combination of modalities in fighting baldness. Micro-needling, PRP injections and specialized peptides are used together for results that are astounding.

Scar Treatment

Heal and promote the
regrowth of smooth skin.

Through a combination treatment of Micro-needling and PRP injections we stimulate the metabolic process and cause your scar to heal anew, in a more organized and uniform way.

Skin Rejuvenation

Heal abnormalities and create a smoother overall complexion.

By stimulating your skin’s natural collagen deposits your body forms new connective tissue, healing sunspots and blemishes in the process. PRP Injections (Vampire Facial) and microneedling are offered for scheduling directly or book a combination therapy.

Regenerative Aesthetics for Your Hair and Skin

Our unique and layered approach smooths the signs of aging.

Silk’s regenerative medicine specialist brings a new and powerful anti-aging modality to the table. Peptide therapy. These are short-chain proteins that are specialized for bringing back your body’s own mechanism for depositing collagen to strengthen connective-tissue or stimulate regrowth of your natural hair. When layered with microneedling, PRP Injections and other modalities the results are impressive.

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