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Plaquinil and zinc fight covid19

By March 24, 2020No Comments

There has been a lot of talk lately about using the malaria drug hydroxychloroquin (Brand name Plaquinil) to help fight cases of COVID19. Additional research has also shown that Zinc plays an important role in combating the disease as well. According to clinical trials, zinc will block the replication process of coronavirus within the cell. The biggest problem is how to get adequate amounts of zinc inside the cell membrane. This is accomplished with an ionophore or carrier. Chloroquinone or hydroxychloroquin are ionophores that will actually carry the zinc to the inside of the cell so it can do it’s work of blocking replication.This finding adds an important factor to the treatment of covid19. In addition to hydroxychloroquin being used to combat this virus, the addition of zing appears to be essential to the success of the process.Supplementing your diet with zinc may aid in the availability of usable zinc for this process. Another option is to receive zinc through IV infusion so absorption is greatly augmented.If you would like to geek out on this process some more, please click on the attached YouTube link to watch a short video on the process.

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