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Restore your body's natural abilities to heal and thrive with a Silk Wellness plan.


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Introducing Vanquish ME™, a contactless technology for a thinner You.


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Rejuvenate your skin and hair without surgery using PRP, microneedling, peptides and Botox.


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Discover the best version of You.

If you’re searching for the resources, tools and knowledge on your path of life-long health, you’ve come to the right place. It’s nearly impossible to go it alone these days. The journey to optimal wellness can seem like an obstacle course, laden with the pricey pitfalls of misinformation and questionable products. You can rest assured, Silk has the science and the experience to help you stay the course.

We’re here as a partner in your process. Everything we offer will lead you to the restoration of your body’s natural vitality. What’s more, through cutting-edge biologics and equipment, we present the opportunity to build on that foundation, to look and feel better than you thought possible.

No matter your age, the best time to start on a plan that supports your mission is now.

Silk Wellness & Aesthetics Offerings

Integrative Medicine

Where traditional docs often say “you’re fine”, Silk mines the root cause of all obstacles to health. Through a personalized plan for diet, exercise, supplements and BHRT we help you establish a balanced foundation upon which you can define just how healthy you want to be.

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Rehabilitative Medicine/Chiropractic

Silk offers direct access to the science and practices of anti-aging and regenerative medicine so that you can heal and thrive. We offer a layered approach which includes traditional chiropractic therapy, integrative nutrition, and cutting-edge devices to help you discover your own natural fountain of youth.

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Medical Aesthetics

Our medical aesthetics procedures are non-surgical and effective at rejuvenation. Using treatments such as micro-blading, collagen therapies, traditional facials, and botox we can stimulate the health of your natural skin adding to your youthful glow and delivering a renewed sense of self.

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EMsculpt Body Sculpting

This non-invasive procedure is for men and women and can be set up to target most any body part. Get stronger, look your best or regain strength after a surgery. No matter what you use EMsculpt for, expect incredible results and zero downtime.

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Vanquish ME Fat Cell Elimination

Meet the only contactless body shaping device on the market, Vanquish ME. Its large treatment area makes the therapy typically more affordable, with more fat removed compared to other procedures and the effects tend to be more uniform.

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IV Therapy

IV therapy is a safe and easy method for getting hydrated while replenishing your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. IV infusions offer a superior absorption over oral supplements and are available to book directly at Silk.

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[Dr. Husain] helped me a lot and are the most responsive and respectful doctor I've ever had. You've helped me get my stress levels down to a manageable level and brought my blood pressure back to normal.

Laurie Phenix

I was in two car accidents within 3 weeks. Several months later I was struggling with post concussion syndrome and resulting brain fog and fatigue that was interfering with everything in my life. Dr. Husain recommended a group of supplements and within one week I was feeling much better, returning to work and fun!

Beth Heller

Dr. Hussain sat with me in a one-on-one consultation and immediately changed my vitamin regimen and nutrition protocol. That by itself did wonders for my stress levels. He followed with an in-depth blood analysis and came up with his first program for me. It took about 4 weeks, and I noticed my body was starting to feel good again. I’ve felt better month to month consistently, and I am not easy on my body nor the load I choose to place on my shoulders.

Vinnie Lopez

Dr. Baca saved my life. I have suffered from severe migraines for many years. At times they are disabling. After a full evaluation, he found the root of the problem was an imbalance in my chemistry due to food sensitivities. A change in my diet and some supplements changed me forever.


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